Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well yesterday I think it was that margaret thatcher died who was a tory in the late 70s to early 90s I rember this woman a bit as I was born in the 80s. I am also from north east a mine town and this woman did nothing for north well let people buy there council houses.

David Cameron is the worse prime minister we ever had but this what he said about her death on BBC news


We have lost a great leader, a great prime minister and a great Briton.

As our first woman prime minister, Margaret Thatcher succeeded against all the odds, and the real thing about Margaret Thatcher is that she didn’t just lead our country, she saved our country, and I believe she’ll go down as the greatest British peacetime prime minister.

Her legacy will be the fact she served her country so well, she saved our country and that she showed immense courage in doing so. And people will be learning about what she did and her achievements in decades, probably for centuries to come.

Now he say she save owe country what a joke I feel like this woman did the worse for owe country and it made the north , south divide. I am in two minds about her as a woman I think it great she was the first woman prime minister and she will be the last I bet,

But she did great harm to mines and manufacturing,

I find bit weird that Durham mines are have a party over her death.